The Guardians adventures during the season Edit

The Guardians built an Arcanium mine at their home, Anarόrë Mindon.

Guardians played the role of the Tomb Guardians in the Battle against the Vanwarim. Having been taxed by the Bretons for trespassing in Lirallin, the Vanwarim continued to explore the region in search of any lost hoards of Arcanium. It was during this expedition that they came upon the Tomb of Kalesh a Dor Valmoran. In an epic struggle Vanwarim tried to keep the infamous Elven mage sealed away in his crypt, but his legion of undead guardians proved too strong. Now freed from the wards that once held him trapped, Kalesh a Dor Valmoran may now once again roam the lands of Lirallin.


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Events in MiddlemarkEdit


Summary of events in Middlemark during the First Winter

While Aris grappled with unrest caused by external forces, some of Middlemark’s greatest threats came from within. 

That’s not to say a brutally successful raid by The North on the populace of Baerghad didn’t cause serious concern for the Empire. Even with the gracious assistance of the Guardians of the Dawn, the local forces were no match for the fury of the North-folk, and the region was thoroughly plundered for its riches.

But it was ongoing tension between The Order of the Black Rose and The Order of the Teuton Knights that caused the most consternation amongst Middlemark citzenry, with the Black Rose taking their newly elected Grand Mage into nearby Altmark. While it was never made entirely clear, many locals feared the Black Rose intended to curse both the region and their rivals in Sigmarsberg. Meanwhile the Teuton Knights had already preemptively stormed across the border into Carpathia with the goal of tearing down the recently built Imperial Monument dedicated to Black Rose. In the end neither attack was successful, with Altmark remaining safe and secure and the Black Rose Monument still standing, though Middlemark’s reputation for strength and unity now appears somewhat tarnished.

In spite of all in the infighting, the various Middlemark superpowers still managed a very productive winter, with Guardians of the Dawn finishing construction of a new Arcanium Mine underneath their stronghold, Anarórë Mindon. While The Order of Teuton Knights also took advantage of the chaos caused by the civil war to establish an Outpost for Middlemark’s High General in Carpathia.


The Guardians rank 3rd in amount of Arcanium they possess and 4th in gold. The Guardians rank equal 6th in the victory tally. The Guardians rank 3rd in amount of Arcanium they possess and 6th in gold. The Guardians rank equal 3rd in the victory tally.

Althea at the end of the seasonEdit

End of winter

Althea at the end of the First Winter