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 | Human | Tinkerer |


Originally named Caun.

Early Life

Caun grew up in a small village on the edge of the Easter Expance. Too far from anything to have been of any regard to anybody, it was also too far from help when cultists from the Eastern Expance came rounding up fresh offerings to their gods. While most of the other survivers fled to the surrounding villages, Caun lost touch with reality when his sister was cut down in front of him, and instead followed the Cultists into the deserts in search of his parents. Never finding them, he instead took out his vengeance on any slavers, bandits and whatever else he could find out there.Lacking any experience in combat, Caun instead relied on traps and subterfuge to overcome his victims.

Life as a Guardian of the Dawn

 Eventually rumours of his deeds spread around the camps and settlements in the expanse. The Shrike the called him, named for some fleeting bird which stuck it’s pray on the thorns of surrounding bushes. Of course, once he had a reputation, it wasn’t long before somebody set a trap for him. Caught for the first time in a fair fight, Caun was hopelessly outmatched and, facing his own death, finally recognised his own insanity. His story would have ended with that realization, had not at that moment an elven warrior in blue and gold joined the fray. The warrior moved with grace yet stuck like lightning, and it wasn’t long before the rabble was routed.That day, with the (half)-elf’s help, Caun saw a better path. Alone he would throw his life away searching for empty vengeance, but joining with these heroes he could help ensure his fate wouldn’t be the fate of others. That was the first time he took the name Shrike for himself, and he vowed by the time he returned to these wastelands it would be a name rightly feared.