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Character Role Player
Celondosse Ellen Galad  High Lord of the Guardians Phill K.
Ados Vara'mere Prince in exile Michael T.
Lady Delamere Ranger Adele L.
Damien Retribution Champion Jared A.
Vitori Thaenor Galdimane Spymaster ?
Canus Magnus De Perfu Custodian and Guardian of the Athlean Light Hound ?
Grimaldeus Vor ? Symon T.
Shrike Tinkerer Reece V.
Artemys Crowley Duke of Talmark ?
Julian Ishak Squire of Lady Ariwynne James R.
Malik of Ostmirk Dispossessed Minor Noble ?
Rodwen 'Tiny' Knight ?
Mysana ? ?
Commodus Voke Artificer and Sergeant-At-Arms ?
Tirion The Lightbringer Jacob.T
Treize "Sparrow" Merquise ? Jack H.
Frayah Cadacus Tribeswoman and Griffon Seeker ?
Dagan Maladaxis Professional Scoundrel ?
Jalindel dek Mediesar Countess and Archmage ?
Sir Edward Flett Paladin

Damian F.

Idris Kain Shieldmaiden Jess G.
Thiel Lupercal Rogue Jaryd B