| Human | Custodian and Guardian of the Athlean Light Hound |


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Early Life

Many years ago, there were numerous Lighthounds that wandered the land, however they were sought after and hunted down for their valuable spun silver magical pelts. Until there were only a handful of these noble and majestic creatures remaining.

Sensing their extinction, the Perfu family stepped in and established a sanctuary for these creatures. With generations of the Perfu family having dedicated their lives to the preservation of the Lighthounds.When the threat of man, beast, and the corrupting forces of darkness became untenable, the Perfu family realised this danger, and took what Lighthounds they had and fled to an island sanctuary.

Canus, the youngest member of the Perfu family, remained defiant and steadfast in the cause of helping Athlea. Decided to remain behind with only a only a handful of Lighthounds and continue to provide the light in the shadows.

He begun a quest of finding those lost in the dark, and hunting down those that would befall harm to the innocent.

Life as a Guardian of the Dawn

It was during one of these quests, he came upon a band of like minded warriors resplendent in Blue and Gold. Who fought for truth, justice, freedom and a new dawn.

Sensing a kindred cause, Canus decided to join these noble Guardians and fight beside them, using his Lighthounds to bring light to the darkness.