After sailing all the way from the Nine Deserts, the 13th Free Company's newly formed fleet finally made landfall on the shores of Altmark in the early evening. 

This sudden arrival of forces from the Free Cities had not gone unnoticed by the region's citizens. Scouts from the Order of the Teuton Knights had been relaying information back to their superiors in the nearby Altmark Outpost since Free Company sails were first spotted on the horizon. Despite being unable to discern the mercenary fleet's intentions, the Teuton Knights had decided to err on the side of caution, dispatching a significant force in the hope of dealing with these unexpected visitors before they could establish a foothold in the region. 

With the light fading, the Teuton Knights arrived at the landing site to find the Free Company already assembling their forces into a shield wall, as a large black coffin was lowered from the deck of Free Company’s command ship on to the shore.

What followed after was a fierce and bloody battle, that saw both sides struggling to gain the upper hand yet neither quite being able to grasp it. For weeks, wave after wave mercenaries and knights clashed on the Altmark shore, the fight eventually ground down to a desperate stalemate. The Order of Teuton Knights unable to drive the mercenaries from the Free Cities back to their ships, and the 13th Free Company unable to push back the men and women of Sigmarsberg in order to secure a beachhead for their forces. 

As summer started to draw to a close, it was an order from the Free Company command that eventually ended the stand off. Supplies were low and there was talk that the mercenaries’ unknown benefactor would not have the funds to continue to pay for this campaign. It was considered in the Company’s best interest to withdraw their forces, turn their fleet around and return to the Free Cities before Autumn set in, leaving the mystery of their purpose here unsolved.


Summary of the battle

Meanwhile rumours concerning a certain large black coffin continue to circulate through the taverns and town squares of Altmark.